I'm an IT guy and i cant get this to work.



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    We are working tirelessly to update and resolve stability problems
    rrivera said:

    Why the app still "discovering" ? 24 hours trying to configure just 2 Access Point? Really?

    I am sorry for your troubles. We are finalizing a new app store release that will make discovery much more reliable. In the mean time, you can use our web interface to configure your system.
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    Hello, guys there is nothing wrong with XClaim -- just wait some 2-3 months and it will be what we need, because this is a exclusive case when vendor really hears users and makes changes accordingly. No other vendor does it, even so it is so simple and obvious idea!
    Hardware is good already, firmware takes shape now. I was also a bit disappointed with features of Harmony in the beginning. But what can be expected from mobile AP?
    And about moving APs to different subnet -- it's clearly stated that it is not a good idea for Harmony now. So it doesn't work when it is not expected. Setting XClaim is so trivial (because there are not much setting which can be set), so it takes just a 1-2 minutes and there is nothing ugly with doing it on-site. But I suppose this all will change soon, as I expect that concept of Harmony will change a bit, and what is even more important, if there will be basic free cloud management, application will be used only once -- as the first setup wizard, or even never.

    By the way, Xclaim hardware isn't exactly identical to similar Zoneflex models -- Beamflex chip and antennas are removed, but otherwise it looks very close. So I trust that soon it will work even better than now. There is already SSH and WEB for management, with less exposed features than we would like to have, but this also will probably change.
    There also will be cloud management soon. And even now it is already very capable SMB/SOHO AP. We run all 4 XClaim models for test purposes under heavy load for 2 months without any problems. Very stable, good performance and coverage (of cause, less throughput and coverage than similar ZoneFlex provides, but still better than many enterprise devices from other vendors provide).
    It is already obvious that it provides better performance than, for example, Ubiquity UNIFY APs, and I suppose performance will improve with new firmware.
    I personally don't use Harmony for anything after WEB interface became available (and preferred SSH before it), but AP just works so I use interface mainly for experiments and looking for new implemented features anyway.
    Just don't try to replace ZoneFlex with XClaim -- it is not the goal and not a good idea. Replace Linksys or Ubiquity.
    And may be for end-user it makes sense to wait 2-3 months for some firmware maturity, for IT guys it is already good enough to use.
    Anyway, when there will be attractive cloud option (middle of the year 2015), it will be completely different story. Waiting for it!
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