End Of Sale



  • rameshcrameshc Member, Xpert, Moderator Posts: 274


    Apologize for the inconvenience. We are still working on the issue.


  • ArxondasArxondas Member Posts: 12

    Now I got a new error message.... "RESPONSE ERROREncountered end of file"

    I hope that this is not a true "end of life.." :neutral:

  • MauRoCoMauRoCo Member Posts: 3


    Do you have any news about the Cloud Manager, we have some AP deployed that we need to do changes to the configuration.

    I hope this can be resolve ASAP.


  • KedarKedar Member Posts: 1

    Cloud manger still same problem plzzzzz resolve ASAP.

  • itditd Member Posts: 1


    We got 860 Access point in the xclaim portal.
    I also got a vSZ installation for customers how need an enterprise wifi solution.

    Will it be possible to transform the xclaim AP to an R500 ruckus AP with a firmware upgrade? that will be great!

    One of my customers got 81 Xclaim AP's
    PLEASE do something to help our customers.

    Kind regards
    Duong - Director of IT

  • bingy_bongybingy_bongy Member Posts: 3

    Hi Xclaim,

    Really need this cloud portal issue sorted ASAP - we all have clients who are experiencing network issues/unable to make changes etc. As we are all IT people here can you at least tell us what the issue actually is with the portal as we will all understand. Then we can at least let our clients know something other than 'they are working on it' which sounds like a cop out and really does make us all look like incompetent IT professionals. I'm sure this is something you can let us know without compromising anyone/thing.

    Thanks -


  • Mikeyorkie10Mikeyorkie10 Member Posts: 24

    Hi Xclaim...

    Cloud seems to be back up this morning... is the issue resolved or is it still WIP?


  • rameshcrameshc Member, Xpert, Moderator Posts: 274

    Hi @Mikeyorkie10,

    Yes, it is up. We are monitoring.


  • VitalyTsymbalVitalyTsymbal Member Posts: 1

    Dear support team,
    Do you know why from Saturday we have the same statistics. I do not believe that the number of clients does not change since Saturday. Can you please check? Thank you.

  • JanEmilJanEmil Member Posts: 15

    I have 2 Xi-3 that will not get online again.
    Have 10 working OK.
    To me it look like of they go offline they can't get back online.

  • rameshcrameshc Member, Xpert, Moderator Posts: 274

    Hi @JanEmil,

    Can you please reboot the offline AP once?


  • HeathlandHeathland Member Posts: 85

    @rameshc Could you please make clear, what amount of time, the AP keeps "trying to connect to CM" ? In this case, CM has been offline for more than >3 days, I can image that AP's stop trying after eg. 3600 seconds.

    Manually rebooting the AP's isn't the solutions, I can't ask a customer to do reboot an AP and unfortunately, in my case, not all AP's are remotely managed via VPN, so a reload via the switch (PoE OFF/ON) isn't an option.

    Please share this kind of information with us and if needed (see other post) i can send you serialnumbers to check at your site!


  • JanEmilJanEmil Member Posts: 15

    @rameshc said:
    Hi @JanEmil,

    Can you please reboot the offline AP once?


    Have done 10 times. No luck.

  • meedermeeder Member Posts: 12

    This is what I always have been afraid of, them simply pulling the plug which leaves us with crippled devices. I will have to buy new accesspoints since the stability has been very poor lately as well. If they don't move us over to Ruckus cloud services (same company) I will not buy into something from them as well.
    Very poor business practices by Ruckus and XClaim...

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