End of Sale?

ericdericd Member Posts: 3

Greetings! I have heard that the Xclaim has reached End of Sale. Meaning that we will not be able to get them after 7/25/2018.

Is this true? What will happen to Cloud Manager? Will we still be able to manage these AP's remotely via a manual configuration page?

Eric D.


  • HeathlandHeathland Member Posts: 85

    Hi @ericd heard the same from our distributor (only for Xi-1 and Xi-2 AP's, Xi-3 and Xo-1 are still available) I've asked for a (new) roadmap, regarding the AP's and Cloudmanager. Unfortunately the distributor can't supply me with a roadmap, because this information still hasn't been published by Xclaim/Arris.

    Is it possible for Xclaim/Arris to post a roadmap overview? Thank you!


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