Adding an Xclaim Xo-1 802.11ac to Ruckus WiFi Network - conflicts?


I am a teacher who is also responsible for coordinating IT within our school. We use an offsite IT support contractor. Recently we have lost WiFi in our hall and we are being told we need another Access Point.
they have quoted to supply and fit a Ruckus ZoneFlex R610 dual-band 802.11abgn/ac Wireless Access Point. This is around £700 and seems way more than we need.
I have just been given an XClaim Xo1 Outdoor Access Point which I believe is made by Ruckus. I have asked the IT contractor if they can install this and they say they could but that it would not be compatible with our existing Ruckus Zone Director and will not be responsible for the problems that it causes to our existing network.

Can someone advise me what conflicts will this cause?

I have flashed up the AP at home and have successfully logged into my own LAN. I tried it at school and believe it also worked when set as the same SSID as the schools network. However later that day several Laptops would no longer connect to our existing Network even after I switched of the XClaim AP?

Many thanks


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    Hello @bharvey,

    Xclaim AP's are standalone AP's managed by free Cloud-based management solution. Xclaim AP's does not support some of the enterprise features like roaming. Since Xclaim AP's operate in standalone mode there won't be much of the conflict If set it in a static channel.

    It is not advisable to replace an enterprise-class Ruckus AP with Xclaim AP unless there is a constraint.


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