Problems with used Xclaims

I have bought 3 used Xclaim Xi2's. I'm able to add 2 to my Cloudmanager account. I can not add the third, it says it's already registered.

The two i was able to add work, but i also see the "old" SSID being send out. I can not delete that SSID and security wise, does this mean that the previous owner could still edit them and if he drives over join my network over his "old" SSID?

How can i take full ownership of these 3 units and be sure no one but me has access to them?


  • rameshcrameshc Member, Xpert, Moderator Posts: 271

    Hi @SiemIT,

    You can do a factory reset on the AP by pressing the reset button for 8 Seconds. Also can you please share the Serial number and photo of the AP which you are not able to add to [email protected] I can delete the AP from the previous account.


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