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vlan wifi networks on the Xclaim Xi-3 AP


I'm trying to setup a network consisting of 2 wifi networks.

wifi network 1 (vlan50) will have subnet (guest network)
wifi network 2 (vlan60) will have subnet (business network)

The AP will get dhcp from my main switch, preferably from my management vlan10 . subnet

So right now I have a cable going from my switch with vlan 10 untagged to my PoE power injector. Another cable from my PoE injector going back into the AP for power and ethernet. The AP receives an IP address within the vlan10 subnet. So everything is as planned untill now.

Now before setting up the vlan 50 and 60 wifi networks on the AP I connected another cable from my switch to the AP. I configured the port as a trunk link so both vlan50 and 60 go over the cable.

I created the 2 wifi networks, guest network for vlan50 and business network for vlan60

The problem im having right now is only the guest network seems to be working, the business network does not show up in my phones wifi network while it has identical settings as the guest one, apart from the vlan ID ofcourse.

Is there anything im doing wrong?

Gladly would appreciate some help here.





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