Due to COVID-19 the customer migration out from Xclaim had slowed down in the past 15 months, to allow existing Xclaim customers extra time to complete the migration, the Xclaim Cloud Manager service will be extended from the original termination date (July 25, 2021) to December 31, 2021.

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Since Xclaim launched its business, I was very excited to finally having a Wi-Fi company targeting the small business/SOHO market. After a promising start, the past 6 months or so, things have changed.

1) What is going on with Xclaim? After the purchase of Ruckus, what is the roadmap for Xclaim? This is important, as a MSP business owner, I need to make plans and get business. Haven't heard of any new APs, features or any updates about Xclaim.

2) Loss of Internet ---- have to reconnect to Wi-Fi or phone uses data. Don't really notice after working for a few hours. Not good when customers rely on Wi-Fi. Using data leads to more costs.

Since the last 2 firmware updates, the connections to your AP have been faulty. Whether they are disconnecting or devices not having access to the Internet, these issues are not acceptable. I have been following the posts and the support team is great at responding and fixing, but it seems after the fixes, there are other issues.

3) I've been a bit frustrated and have used other AP products for projects. I have been following all the resolutions by support in this forum and the last few months have had so many problems that I just do the workarounds. As mentioned earlier, when going from AP1 to another AP2 in your mesh set up, the AP2 loses Internet, the only solution is to disconnect the wi-fi and reconnect after about a minute or two. If we connect to soon, we get connection errors.

Also, sometimes the AP's especially 5ghz just stop working. The last firmware update fixed the problem of APs going red (the light) and having to reboot. Now we just lose Internet even though it shows it is connected.

Also been noticing slower performance. Can't isolate to Xclaim because Spectrum just took over Timewarner Cable here in Hawaii.

Note - everything used to work great. Now with the workarounds

I hope this makes sense. I would really like to continue with Xclaim. Just need to know if development is continuing, what is in the works, issues will get fixed and if there will ever be a partner program.




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