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AP Firmware update released -



  • datamedicdatamedic Member Posts: 23
    edited February 2017

    Hello , we have noticed that after some time and randomly, some APs (x1) stop beacing SSID signal , after reboot seems to come back online. this was not happening before. As another user said before this issues started after the release of

  • shriramrsshriramrs Member, Xpert, Moderator Posts: 220

    Hi @datamedic ,

    Our sincere apologies for the issues with Xi-1. Recently, we have encountered an issue in some Xi-1's where due to the limited CPU, memory causes the AP to go offline. Please note, this does not affect any of our other APs (Xi-2, Xi-3 and Xo-1).
    Our complete team is debugging and working on this issue. We will keep you posted once we get more information.


  • JanEmilJanEmil Member Posts: 15

    My 13 * Xi-3 and 1 * Xo-1 now have the same problem ;-(

  • cnienabercnienaber Member Posts: 4

    So is this still an issue? I have about 13 clients that are on the latest firmware patch and all of them are still working

  • andreasgandreasg Member Posts: 9

    I can confirm that this is STILL an issue... I have setup 21 Xi1 access points, all of them connect to the cloud properly after the initial configuration. Within 1-2 hours all of them randomly connect/disconnect from the network. Sometimes we get a green LED on the AP and an offline message on the cloud, sometimes we get a blinking red led on the AP with an offline message in the cloud.... I have the latest firmware ( - the one supposed to solve this) but the problem still occurs. Some APs disconnect and never come back again, even for a few minutes... I am very worried on this development as this means that we cannot use CloudManager as a dependent means to manage the Xi1... We need a resolution on this ASAP...

  • MarkbehMarkbeh Member Posts: 12

    With this ongoing issue still unresolved, I have moved most of my clients to another product that is working well. In doing this and resetting the Xi1 to factory I found that the unit does not exhibit this problem if only ONE single network is set up. As soon as a second network is added, the problem re-appears. Unfortunately the main reason I purchased the Xclaim units is for the multi-network setup. Unless Xclaim can resolve this issue they will continue to lose customers, like us.

  • vybhavramvybhavram Xpert, Moderator Posts: 1,063

    Hello ,

    Apologies for the delay. Our engineering team has been working on the "Xi-1 going offline" issue and we believe we have a fix for this.

    We have reached out to multiple customers and are running this beta build in their environements and are closely monitoring various parameters to verify if our beta build solves the issue.

    You should definitely be hearing more from us early next week regarding the progress with the beta build and plans of releasing the image.


  • ff_ff_ Member Posts: 22

    Any news on that?

  • MaatMaat Member Posts: 4

    I have the same issue, however, I don't have an Xi-1 but an Xi-3 !!
    After rebooting, the AP goes offline in cloudmanager after an hour or so, and the led on the AP starts blinking red.
    The problem occurred when I upgraded to firmware version

    Is there anything I, or you can do?

    Regards, Eric

  • MaatMaat Member Posts: 4

    One more thing: in my case, the Xi-3 goes offline in cloud manager (always), but remains functional. It still delivers wifi connectivity to wifi clients
    It's just not manageable via cloud manager.


  • shriramrsshriramrs Member, Xpert, Moderator Posts: 220

    Hi @Maat ,

    Please look for my DM.


  • MaatMaat Member Posts: 4

    Hi Shriram,

    After posting my message, I decided to do the "reset, wait 10 minutes, reset again" once more. I hadn't done this for some time because I thought that, as the AP was already on the latest firmware version, it wouldn't make much sense, and the AP is on a location not easy to reach.

    However, as a result, the AP came online in cloud manger (which it normally does), and now, stayed online! It's now online for 12 hours so I am confident that it will remain this way.

    For your information: ports you mentioned are all open, never had a problem with internet (I can check this with my second AP from a different brand).

    For now, there is no need fur further action. Thanks for the offer!

    Kind regards,

  • noworriesitnoworriesit Member Posts: 8

    We are experiencing the same issue with 4 new Xi-3s that we just hung. Firmware is What is the accepted fix? reset, wait 10 minutes, reset again? The client is looking at us for a quick solution.

  • datamedicdatamedic Member Posts: 23

    one thing we have noticed is that all networks that are using google dns have no problem and the x1 stay online on the cloud. On the other hand all of our other installations that are using the provider dns are going offline on the cloud shortly after they configured. the issue with high traffic x1 are going dead is still remaining

    any news on the upcomming update?

    Last post from xclaim was april 6 saying that in one week you will have a fix ready.. still nothing ?

  • cnienabercnienaber Member Posts: 4

    I have numerous xi-1' across a wide variety of sites. All of them use Sasktel as an ISP or XplorNET / Yourlink where i live and i have never experienced any issues with any firmware builds whatsoever. I have had the odd AP go red and stop talking to the cloud, but this is usually after a power outage. A subsequent reboot seems to resolve the issue. Could this be related to the ISP possibly blocking certain Cloud Management packets? Or maybe a low TTL on the packets?

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