Speed on Xi-3

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I was recently bumped from 100/100 to 300/300 on my ISP FIOS. I have been using xi-3 for a while now which has been great for me. However, I noticed it cannot reach the full speed of 300/300 as I am only getting ~100 up and down. I do not have this issue when using LAN only WIFI.

I have used the 2.6 Ghz and 5Ghz bands on my laptop (razer late 2016 model) and phone (nexus 6P) which both have wifi ac.

I have attached my network settings on xi-3

Please advise.


  • sherifsherif Member Posts: 37

    I have a similar issue on 2 xi3s though not even getting 100 when 2 feet away with a 120 internet connection. It goes to 30-60 max. Something is wrong in the firmware I think.

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