AP problem

I have a client with two Xi-3 wireless APs in their home. They have been working great for about 6 months. The other day they had a power outage when their power finally came back online they could use the internet on their wireless devices however they could not communicate with local devices on their network....Sonos, Lutron, and their automation system. Their computer on the hard wired network would communicate no problem. 

I went there and factory reset the APs and set them up with the Harmony app and Boom they worked. I then factoring reset them again and tried to set them up with my online cloud account I could set them up fine and configure the network but again the client would lose communication with Sonos, Lutron, and automation system. Again I factory reset the APs and used the Harmony App and they works correctly. Unfortunelty I can't remotely manage them now with my cloud account. 

Any fix or suggestions for this? 

Thanks in advance.


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