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AP Firmware update released -

vybhavramvybhavram Xpert, Moderator Posts: 1,063
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We have released an AP firmware update. The newly released firmware version is :

This is a CRITICAL AP build that fixes NTP and Certificate issues that were preventing APs from connecting to CloudManager.

If you are currently experiencing the above mentioned issue , please update to this build immediately.

The easiest way to do this is to reboot the AP twice with a gap of 10 minutes between each reboot. Once the APs upgrade to the latest version, they should start communicating with CloudManager immediately.

If your AP is online in CloudManager , then please wait for 24 hours and check if the "UPGRADE" button in the access point's configuration slide-out is enabled. If yes , then please click the UPGRADE button to upgrade the AP directly. Rebooting the AP through CLoudManager if your AP hasn't downloaded the update will take your AP offline and the subsequent reboot will have to be done manually.

The Xclaim team


  • tomwhite101tomwhite101 Member Posts: 3

    Can this be done remotely?
    Half my APs are stuck showing offline in cloudmanager and it is probably a days work to drive around all the sites?

  • HeathlandHeathland Member Posts: 85


    I made a mistake to reboot some AP's (using Cloudmanager) trying to trigger the download of the new firmware!
    Unfortunately, these AP's are "offline" now in Cloudmanger and the only solution is a "power cycle" onsite to get them back online in Cloudmanager.

    So a little tip: Please wait unit the "Update Available" option in Cloudmanager display's YES and than give the AP's a reboot.
    Can save everybody a large amount of time ....


  • vybhavramvybhavram Xpert, Moderator Posts: 1,063

    Hello @Heathland ,

    Apologies. Yes, that's a very good suggestion. Will add this tip in teh original post


  • wyredavwyredav Member Posts: 14

    @vybhavram said:
    Hello @Heathland ,

    Apologies. Yes, that's a very good suggestion. Will add this tip in teh original post


    Vybha, is there any way to add the ability to an MSP account to manually upgrade tenant AP's? This would save tremendous time in deploying firmware updates to clients without having to do truck rolls.

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