Uplink and Downlink settings Xi-1 set both to 2MB but no showing when doing a speed test

LxavierfLxavierf Member Posts: 7

Hi we have (21) Xi-1 installed in an apartment complex and have set both the downlink and uplink speed to 2MB but when doing an OKLA speed test it records 20MB which is the Internet throughput without speed restriction. The setting for all of them are for 2.4Ghz with 20mhz every single one has its assigned channel.


  • vybhavramvybhavram Xpert, Moderator Posts: 1,063

    Hello @Lxavierf ,

    Can you please perform the following operations to check if the settings are being applied:

    1) Change the uplink/downlink speed on the network to value like 5Mbps and check again?
    2) Create a new network with the same settings and apply this to the AP and test with the new network.

    Also, while you do these tests, can you please ensure your AP is running the latest AP firmware version (


  • LxavierfLxavierf Member Posts: 7

    Thanks for the fast response we will do as you indicate and test.
    Yes all AP have firmware version

  • LxavierfLxavierf Member Posts: 7

    Everything is good after deleting the network and creating it again the Speed Test is accurate with the Speed set on the Access point


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