How many access points do we need in our new house?

We are building a new brickhouse, both inner and outer walls are made of bricks.

We want a fast and stable Wifi, that will cover the whole house.

How many access points do we need, and where should we place them?

Our own suggestions looks like this: (the red dots is a access point)





Which one do you thinks will work best, and do you maybe have a better solution?

1.png 366.6K
2.png 366.5K
3.png 366.4K
4.png 366.7K


  • MatrixHMatrixH Member Posts: 6

    Anyone have a suggestion?

  • shriramrsshriramrs Member, Xpert, Moderator Posts: 220

    Thank you for your interest in Xclaim Wireless.

    Please perform an site-survey (predictive or walkthrough) to come up with the AP numbers. Each Xclaim AP can handle 100 clients. So the estimation of number of APs can be done based on the client count.

    We suggest using either a Xi-2 or a Xi-3 to support dual-band clients. Xi-2 and Xi-3 operate in both the 2.4 and 5GHz bands simulteneously.

    The exact number of APs required would depend on the area that needs to be covered and the throughput requirement per client.

  • AndrewKazaliaAndrewKazalia Member Posts: 8

    Without a survey my general rule is no more than one solid wall between AP and client. Also place APs near the centre of the areas with highest traffic density if possible. So I would say that option 2 could be OK, but since I assume that highest traffic levels will be in central kitchen/family room I would go for option 3 or similar.

  • MatrixHMatrixH Member Posts: 6
    edited July 2016

    Great general rules :)

    Maybe this option 5 will be a good idea? It will also give some coverage outside.


    5.png 366.5K
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