Best download or upload speeds & Ethernet ports

What are the best download or upload speeds that you are getting from an Xi-3? I have a 200 mbps down x 20 mbps up internet connection, and I cannot get anything above 60 mbps down x 20 mbps up from the APs. I have tried a variety of devices and clear line of site with no network congestion and still almost 75% bottleneck.

Also, what can the second ethernet port on the Xi-3 APs be used for?


  • vybhavramvybhavram Xpert, Moderator Posts: 1,063

    Hello @kanu978 ,

    The Xi-3 is a 2 spatial stream 802.11ac AP.

    The maximum practical speed that can be obtained is:

    • 5GHz - ~400-450Mbps
    • 2.4GHz - ~125-150Mbps

    The upload,download throughput highly depends on the client being used and the Wi-Fi settings on the AP. Can you please tell us what your settings look like and what type of device are you using to do the bandwidth tests?

    The second port of the Xi-3 just bridges the traffic between connected clients and the first PoE port. So, you can think of the 2 ports on the Xi-3 as 2 switchports that are bridged. So you can connect a wired only device to that port and allow it to access the network.


  • kanu978kanu978 Member Posts: 25

    The APs are all on dual band, manual channel selection, and 20 Mhz. Ex. clients are iPhone 6 and dell laptop with Intel 7260 AC 2x2 wifi card.

    In regards to the second ethernet port, could I connect it to another Xi-3 using a PoE injector in between? (So, I would have router->PoE switch->First Xi-3->Second Xi-3 with PoE injector? I am only asking about this while waiting for single-hop Mesh to be released.)

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