Xclaim, I love the Ruckus products, however, the Xclaim products are difficult to say the least.

It took me 4 days to get a Xo-1 to register with the CloudManager (multiple resets) and I still can't explain how it started working. I then moved it to another site with the same IP structure it is now offline. I have reset it again and tried to complete what seems to be pretty simple and straight forward instructions, but nothing.

It seems that it really doesn't use a DHCP connection as the CloudManager seems to want to find it on the last known IP it was assigned. So do you have to reset this every time the IP changes?

The fact that you don't have a tech support number is troubling. I can't wait hours or days to get forum responses to fix something that I would hope is only a few minutes to resolve. I need help or I will not carry this product line which is a shame because when it is working it is really good.

I could really use some help and quickly. Would love a call if someone could do so.


  • vybhavramvybhavram Xpert, Moderator Posts: 1,063

    Hello @ampdchris ,

    Apologies for the issues caused. All AP to CloudManager communications are initiated by the AP. So irrespective of which IP address the AP is assigned , AP <-> CloudManager communication should happen without any issues.

    Can we have a debug this issue that you are facing? Please look for my DM.


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