Feature Request - Let MSP Choose when to upgrade AP firmware

chadmcdonaldchadmcdonald Member Posts: 4
edited April 2016 in CloudManager

As an MSP we would like the ability to "test" new versions of AP firmware on a couple of AP's (say ones we have in our office) before having all our managed AP's auto upgrade to a new version of firmware. This is a feature we were used to coming from Ubiquiti. Since you already have the functionality to light up the "upgrade" button for the AP in Cloud manager, could we also get a way to disable the auto upgrade of AP firmware per customer location? This would allow us to test a release first and then enable auto-upgrade once we were sure it was stable. The recent .68 firmware has issues with disconnecting Apple devices and that is not a fun thing for us to find out as reports come rolling in, especially since there is no firmware downgrade process.


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