CloudManager and Mikrotik

ravaportravaport Member Posts: 2

Hello to all,

I have a very peculiar issue... I am trying to setup a few Xclaim AP in a new network and I am using a Mikrotik RBL2011 router as my gateway.... DHCP/DNS goes through the router, all devices that are connected to the router can reach the internet... everything works perfectly... but CloudManager cannot reach the access points for some reason...!!!!!!! Upgrading the access points manually through SSH works perfectly... I am thinking that this might be something with Mikrotik firewall/NAT rules so I:

1) Disabled all firewall rules
2) Added port forwarding for TCP 443 and UDP 123 through NAT
3) Enabled UPNP

Again everything works perfectly, with the exception of CloudManager

Has anyone encountered this issue in the past..??? Does someone have any recommendations/solutions??

Thank you..!!!!


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