Due to COVID-19 the customer migration out from Xclaim had slowed down in the past 15 months, to allow existing Xclaim customers extra time to complete the migration, the Xclaim Cloud Manager service will be extended from the original termination date (July 25, 2021) to September 30, 2021.

Will there ever be an update to CloudManager?

tonTeufeltonTeufel Member Posts: 13


it has been over 4 month that I asked wether XClaim APs support Mac filtering. The answerr was that this feature will be added in the near future. At the beginning of October, when I finally got an Xi3, I asked that very question again. This time, I got an answer saying it will be released as part of the upcoming CloudManager update which should hit by the end of October. On 1st of November there came an email claiming the CloudManager Update should be released within a week.
It is now the 21st of November and there is STILL NO SIGN of any update whatsoever.

At this point I have to wonder wether there will ever be any update that fixes the dozens of problems people currently have.

"Simply Better Wireless." - that's Ruckus' slogan, which might very well be true for Ruckus devices, certainly not for XClaim
"Simple intuitive set-up and control" - that's what CloudManager is supposed to be like
"Wi-Fi for the Non-IT Guy" - ...

This suggest that XClaim devices are for "the Non-IT Guy". While the UI is all clean and simple, it simply doesn't work. It's buggy. It's slow. It's certainly not for the Non-IT Guy who just wants things to work. The only reliable way of setting up and controling your AP is the Web UI. It's quick, intuitive and it actually does what it's supposed to do. However, that Web UI isn't even mentioned anywhere! I found an tutorial while searching through the forum. How can the only reliable way of controlling your AP not be documented anywhere?! (btw the Web UI isn't really an option, if you have multiple APs).

But if XClaim isn't for the Non-IT guy, who is it for than? The professional, who wants a cheaper WiFi solution? No, no where near enough features!
The guy who is sick of crappy Consumer-grade Wifi and is willing to google a bit to find out about the Web UI. Maybe, but then: not really, again a lack of features (like Mac-filtering... or guest network, which is on the feature list on the XClaim website and still doesn't exist).

I cannot think of a single group of people who I would recommend these products to. And that is extremely disappointing, because XClaim (in theory) is a great idea and the Xi-3 is a great product, hardware-wise.

Best regards,


  • mmruizmmruiz Member Posts: 7

    Hi Tobias, I'm suffering a lot of issues also, and it's a pity, but stopping to sell Xclaim. Access points repeating signals not configured (erased), hangs, firmware updates that seems not to be applied. I don't want more features, i want actual features working well. Really consistent based Ruckus Hardware, good price, and a lot of business, but Ruckus does not have sufficient people working in solution and seems not interested in developing.

    Sorry but I leave Xclaim ship. If I do not leave Xclaim, my customers leave me.


  • Hi @mmruiz,

    We are definitely listening to the customer concerns and working really hard to release a stable/new version of the CLoud Manager which has lot of powerful features like MAC Filtering, .1x support. We are expecting to release the new version of cloud manager by mid of December which should address most of the concerns.

    Thank you for you patience and support.


  • mmruizmmruiz Member Posts: 7

    Ok Ramesh, I know you work hard. I will wait till end of month. I am not demanding new features, only basic working well. When you have actual system rock solid, then introduce new features (it is my opinion).

  • tonTeufeltonTeufel Member Posts: 13

    I have to agree with your point (first have a system stable and then think about cool new features). However, since I switched to the Web UI literally right away the experience wasn't nearly as bad as yours, it's just the lack of features that's really anyoing. While the Web UI is a great solution for me, as soon as you have 2 of these APs it's completely impractical. I can only feel sorry for you having to use CloudManager ;)

    @rameshc ok, I guess I'll wait till then (what other option do I have...) and I know it's a little bit unfair to you guys getting all the frustration and hate, when support has nothing to do with the people that actually mess up the software. It's just really disappointing to see an awesome product beeing pulled down by terrible software.

  • Thanks @tonTeufel. New CloudManager should address most of the concerns.


  • dragon2611dragon2611 Member Posts: 38

    Any updates on when to expect new cloud manager?

    or at least some updates as to why it's taking longer than expected to release it?

  • Hi @dragon2611,

    We will be releasing an to Cloud Manager in next 24 hrs.


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