Responsive web design or native app?



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    Web design please...
    Harmony is currently almost useless. If someone were to set up an XCLAIM AP with Harmony, they then have to use that same physical device to manage the AP. This means that if the AP needs tweaking and the customer has changed their iPhone. Or in our case a different engineer attends a customer site we have to reset all APs and start again. So for this reason web management from commonly available platforms/browsers is vital for these to be useful. Currently we see this as excellent hardware, lacking in management features. Don't care how you do it, but somehow the "site" config needs to be stored in each AP, then when you start up your Harmony, or other app, it loads the config to edit, and then pushes back any changes to all AP's. Can't see how that would have been so hard to do in the first place. The config can't be more than a few KB of data!

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    PS - as per comments above without a web based interface, we could never sell one of these XCLAIM AP's. How would we manage the AP's when connecting remotely to a site. Sometimes we connect to a desktop, other times we have a server. If only WiFi we'd only have an open web port. What possible use would Harmony be as it stands.

    hardware seems excellent and the Wi-Fi quality seems good. Like the bandwidth limits. Client Isolation doesn't work.
    Could also do with ability to scan for other networks, so we can optimise channel useage, and see if signal strength from one AP to another is good etc.

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  • Cloud Management for Xclaim will be coming soon. Will be starting the Beta program. Supporting Dashboard for Managed service is not part of the initial release.

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    How does one join the beta program?

  • Thanks @aelibby for showing interest. Will let you know in couple of weeks.


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    Responsive web design definitely, thus platform independent. Ditch the App entirely, for it means a clumsy way of working.

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    Personally I would much rather have the Responsive web design.
    no java
    no flash
    no plugins
    pure HTML5 if at all possible.

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    @clou200 You should be pleasantly surprised soon ! Watch this space ;)

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    I created an account just to comment on this. I have used Aruba, Watchguard, and Ubiquiti access points, and would like to use the Xclaims.

    A responsive web interface -preferably embedded -would be the big thing to me. While I think cloud management is a nice plus for remote management, I really don't want the cloud to be a requirement for management, a la Aerohive's subscription model. Neither do I want to be tied to a single management program from a single location, which I think is Ubiquiti's greatest weakness. I think a smartphone app is neat, and nice for an end-user especially for basic functions, but I'd like to see a cross-platform Web UI, that I can use from any browser. Most small businesses home users don't want to touch their networks --that's why they ask someone like me to do it, and then tweak it if necessary.

    Aruba has done this with their IAP access points, with no need for a controller. However, they are costly compared to XClaim, and their future under HP is uncertain. Please give me a WebUI and the ability to use 4-8 access points in a small clustered network, and I will be eager to try your solution on small business clients. Nobody has done this as well as it can be yet --I hope you'll change that, as I'd love to put some Xi-2 and Xi3 APs in place. I don't need everything-but-the-kitchen-sink in the UI, just hit the high points to keep your price point. Not having a WebUI was what has kept me away from XClaim so far, so I'm excited to see your changes.

    Thanks very much.

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    Both having major difference, A responsive web application can be accessed through mobile device, but mobile application can not be accessed by web platform. Most of the people have smartphones so developing a web application which is responsive in nature is much better in all the ways.

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    Is there any update on this: Responsive Web Design ?? Similarly we would to embed some parts of the dasboard, that provide AP status etc into our own Freedom Hotspot Dashboard, which is focused on managing end user sessions.

    Hope to hear back from admin or some of the engineers soon :)@vybhavram @rameshc

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    Responsive web interface!

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