CLI Documentation

alexalex Member Posts: 0
Is there a CLI command reference guide? Can someone point me in the right direction?


  • ericsrericsr Member Posts: 457
    There is no CLI guide or support. Web or app only. Good luck.
  • PeterEbbelinkPeterEbbelink Member Posts: 0

    Well, there definitely IS a CLI, so why should we suffer and call support each time?
    No support on CLI ? --> fair enough
    No docs ? --> Not of this time.
    If Ruckus helps us, we can help them: It's as simple as that.
    The xClaim is already is big hit for the customers I target, we can help Ruckus extend the usability.
    E.g. I need the redirect all new M.A.C. address (to a captive portal): It would be great if I do not need additional hardware on site to accomplish this.

    My $0.02

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