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Cloud Manager vs. Competing Products

ASEJLASEJL Member Posts: 4


For those that have been active in the CloudManager beta, can you offer some thoughts about the platform functionality and performance vs. competing options, which I would suggest are things like Ubiquiti Unifi or maybe Meraki?

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  • ASEJLASEJL Member Posts: 4

    Wow, one week and no thoughts?

  • aelibbyaelibby Member Posts: 72

    I've used Unifi, CloudTrax, and Meraki and comparing this product to those is like apples to oranges as far as platform functionality.

    All of those systems support more enterprise level features where Xclaim is not in the same market.

    The Xclaim radios are targetted more toward the "non-it" guy.

    Unifi and Meraki also support more than APs (switches, firewalls, APs, phones) where Xclaim just does the radio.

    Performance-wise, it's a web app YMMV. For me it's been pretty snappy.

    If you want a low cost AC radio that has Ruckus level stability and most of the performance with very few features (like for your home) Xclaim is great, but there may be better products out there for you.

    If you want an enterprise level system, or one with more than 6 APs (like a hotel), the other systems will work better for you (or go full Ruckus with a Zonedirector).

  • ASEJLASEJL Member Posts: 4

    Thanks much for your thoughts. We have used Unifi in two locations, and it was a mess. Radios randomly dropping, firmware locks, devices clinging to ap's -- so, for less money than ubiquiti is charging, these seemed like they were worth investigating.

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