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Cannot Detect Xi2 in Android Harmony App

I purchased the Xi-2 thinking it would be a great easy device for my non-tech savvy parents, meanwhile I can't even get the device to work myself!

The Xi-2 is not showing up on my Android Harmony App and I have confirmed through Cloud Manager that the firmware is up to date.

Additionally I cannot connect to the router directly through a web interface despite knowing its IP. A fix I've seen floating around is to give it a static IP but our router does not have that functionality.

So basically I'm stuck. I can't connect through a web interface, the Android and iOS Harmony Apps have nothing showing up despite Cloud Manager indicating the AP is both online and healthy!

Any help would be greatly appreciated and I can provide additional details if needed.



  • Hi @Kyle058,

    If the AP is already claimed/configured through CloudManager you cannot manage the same AP through Harmony APP. Delete the AP from the CloudManager which will factory reset the AP and you should be able to the discover/configure the AP through Harmony APP.


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