I know it's Day Zero and we're all learning a lot. Thanks to the XClaim team for being so engaging and positive during the launch and these discussions!

I do have a question about multiple APs. I understand that they all have to be on the same subnet. But once seen in Harmony and a WLAN/SSID is applied, do the APs cluster? That is, do they share management information with each other (channel selection, etc,) or are they, in essence, stand alone APs managed by Harmony?


  • ericsrericsr Member Posts: 457
    @Sunshine‌ Glad to see you involved and I appreciate the comments. Essentially each one is making its own decisions. The Harmony app is just "corralling" the info. Best of luck!
  • dan_computerxdan_computerx Member Posts: 26
    Is cooperative in the feature plan? Or is load balancing between APs going to be a differentiator? Personally, I think it would be a good differentiator.
  • ericsrericsr Member Posts: 457
    @dan_computerx‌ When you think Xclaim, think simple. We are targeting a very specific market, which is the "S" of SMB. This is meant to not intimidate the average business owner who has no experience or interest in learning how to deploy Wi-FI. They simply want a WLAN available, maybe a few, and let people get connected reliably. Features will be developed around that. We want to make a great product even better but complex enterprise features, such as load balancing, mesh, guest passes, etc. can be handled by our big brother "ZoneFlex".
  • dan_computerxdan_computerx Member Posts: 26
    That makes sense, and gives VARs an upsell opportunity.

    I was vaguely thinking about 802.11u and what will happen when these little businesses want to become part of a bigger infrastructure. I haven't really thought through the ramifications of requiring each AP to independently communicate back to a third party AAA provider.

    But that isn't part of the 1.0 release :wink:

    As it stands right now, this is a disruptive product.
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    I agree with Dan. Having a Ruckus product aimed at the Open Mesh and Ubiquiti markets will make for some stiff competition and we here are super excited as well.
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