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Firmware upgrade how to

This guide is for someone who just received a new AP that wants to upgrade it to the latest firmware without using the Android or IOS application.

1a. Connect your AP to a POE switch or router.
1b. Connect your AP to the power injector that was included with the AP, than connect the injector to your switch or router.

  1. Obtain the MAC address on the bottom of the access point i.e. 00:2d:45:ad:ca:12.

  2. Browse to your DHCP server "this could be your router if it isn't your router then you wouldn't be reading this help guide :smiley:).

  3. Find the IP address that is linked to your MAC address (00:2d:45:ad:ca:12 =

  4. Open a telnet application like Putty, SecureCRT, or Terminal for the Mac.

  5. Type in the IP address of the AP and select SSH2.

  6. When prompted for the for the username and password enter "xclaim-mfg" for the username and "mfg-admin12" for the password then press enter.

  7. At the prompt type "fw update" and hit enter.

  8. Wait for reboot (the terminal program will disconnect, please wait approximately 2 minutes for the AP to boot back up.).

  9. To be safe after the 2 minutes reboot the AP manually and wait for it to return back to a functioning state.

  10. Open a web browser and enter the IP address that you obtained in step 4 (https:///

  11. Accept the certificate errors, then you should be greeted with the Login page.

  12. enter the same username and password listed in step 7.


For extra credit you could do the following

  1. Using your Telnet app log back into the AP with the same username and password listed in step 7

    1. Type "get version" and you should see the following information
      xclaim : get version
      Xo-1 / BIG WIFI. Small Business.
      Dry-Run: 0


Note the firmware versions will change based on release dates

I hope this helps some one.


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