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Interface issues; have you changed anything?

Hi, have been using Xi-2 for some months now, very satisfied indeed. Last couple of days however there are some instabilities in ether 2.4 or 5 which brought me to discover that the Harmony-interface in my iPad is half empty and the web-interface (which I've never wanted to use until now) is unavailable. Been reading some things about you changing software, could that be the cause? Based in The Netherlands, have your Zone 2-changes have got anything to do with this?

Rebooted the AP several times, some of my wifi-clients work, connected to internet, others don't, and sometimes they all don't work and then after a while some of them function again for no apparent reason.

In Harmony, the first screen ' Statistics' remains empty, although after a while under Total Usage it says there Zero KB in both Rx and Tx. Turning to the screen 'Access points' it says one is found, but after choosing it times out saying the device is currently unreachable. No way of telling if any of the 2.4 or 5 is malfunctioning because no access to data.

Turning to the screen WLANs, it correctly identifies two WLANs, and appears to be responding to edits to the configuration (but hard to tell; I'm not testing anything drastically for the risk of losing connection altogether).

Web-interface is unavailable, under the ip's you give nor under the ip's I can see in my network.

Please help, regards, Tobias


  • tobiastobias Member Posts: 3

    After shutting down the ap, things remained unstable. Rebooted cable modem twice before it functioned properly again, and after connecting the ap a dialog appeared asking for a reboot to your update. Which was strange because earlier in the day, I rebooted at least six times. After reboot the statistics screen reappeared, and everything seems to function well now.

  • vybhavramvybhavram Xpert, Moderator Posts: 1,063

    Hello @tobias ,

    Glad to know you were able to "root-cause" the issue that you had and fix it. The reason why your update might not have been installed when you rebooted could just be because the update just wasn't there :). We released the update late afternoon yesterday.

    Please keep us posted if you see any more difficulties.


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