Can't connect to the AP Xclaim Xo-1


I have the following problem:

  • installed the AP, POE works fine it has power.
  • I can see the xclaim setup SSID Network, and connect to it is also working
  • The problem is that I can't configure the AP because I can't reach it with the harmony app or webinterface? In the harmony app it doesn't find the accesspoint, and I don't know the ip of the AP so I can't reach it by ip in my internet explorer.

Anyone a suggestion?


  • Hi @tijnie1978,

    Can you try hard reset from pin hole on the back near the ethernet port. The unit must be powered up (give it a min to make sure) and then you PRESS AND HOLD for 8 seconds. This will factory reset the AP and upgrade to the latest version (89). I assume you are using the latest version of Harmony for iOS (release few days back) or for Android released today.


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