New build(s) ready for Xclaim APs

ericsrericsr Member Posts: 457
Build 83 is available for all APs. Here are the release notes:

Product : Xclaim Xi-1/2/3 and Xo-1

Release Date : 02/02/2015

• Brand new discovery module based on Bonjour (mDNS) - super fast / super reliable
• Added more info on connected clients (Hostname, OS, Throughput Estimate)
• Added client isolation status to SSID Status
• Xclaim setup SSID gets taken down automatically after enabling first new SSID (new for Web UI added WLAN)

You can update within the Harmony app or as described before, you can just SSH into the AP(s) and issue, fw update, then reboot once its done. I always encourage 2 additional reboots (with a pause of 4 mins in between) to make sure all partitions are completed.

Happy Monday!


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