Due to COVID-19 the customer migration out from Xclaim had slowed down in the past 15 months, to allow existing Xclaim customers extra time to complete the migration, the Xclaim Cloud Manager service will be extended from the original termination date (July 25, 2021) to December 31, 2021.

New builds ready for AP's



  • Hi @emilioec,

    What is the LED status of the offline AP ?

  • emilioecemilioec Member Posts: 4

    The Led was solid green. So, I just did a hard reset in the AP and I was trying to delete the previous configuration of the AP in the cloud manager and start fresh, but after the reset of the AP, the light is solid green again, but I can not delete the AP to reconfigure. The AP still show in the cloud manager as off-line and it does not show a MAD address neither the firmware.

  • emilioecemilioec Member Posts: 4
    edited November 2015

    Ramesh, it seems that after 2 hard resets, I am finally able to see the 2nd AP in cloudmanager. It seems that the upgrade took like 30 minutes. I am now configuring on my network. I let you know if I have more problems. Thanks and so far great product with great speed

  • thaydigithaydigi Member Posts: 2
    Where do we find the list of new features? 
  • jdeluxe91jdeluxe91 Member Posts: 1

    Hi, is it already known when the extra features will be anounced/released? I'm very interested what will be the extra features.


  • BrijawsBrijaws Member Posts: 24

    Something is up. The past 3 installs we did this month had 4 to 5 xi-2's installed. We have been pre-configuring all network hardware in our shop - which consists of a Araknis Router and a Araknis POE Switch. We configure it all, make sure its all updated and online - we document everything before it goes out. When installed at the Clients house, initially things seems fine - but when i check back in a couple days later 2-3 aps say that there is not enough data collected - and they are not even reporting their current firmware - however they are showing up GREEN in Cloud Manager. If I Reboot the POE port that the AP is connected to it than reports data - but only after a reboot.

    Also, did you change hardware on your aps - as on 2 of the last 4 installs with 4 aps - 1 of the 4 at each job is connecting to my POE Switch @ 100 while the other 3 are connecting @ 1000 - are some of your older Aps not Gigabit?

  • johanjohan Member Posts: 29


    Do you have the feature list ready for the new release - Especially if single hop MESH will be released ?

  • wiseguywiseguy Member Posts: 9

    I have made a test site from my home using Xi-3 and Xo-1 APs, when got hands on them about a year ago. And if old software releases had a lot of problem connecting to Cloude manager, they at least provided stable service to clients. For half a year I had devices shown down in Cloudmanager, but providing stable service to clients (actually no reboots have been needed for at least 6 months).
    After upgrade to (which itself didn't worked without heavy troubleshooting) I experience such new problems:

    1. Periodically (about once in 24H, sometimes once in 3 days, today twice in 1 hour) some or all clients loose connection to AP and can't reconnect. Sometimes they see network, sometimes even not.
      Problem usually happen with devices having Intel WLAN adapters (6235, 6245 in this case, Dell 1720 and Samsung Ultrabook, all W8.1 OS, same problem on 5 or 2.4 GHz). The only fix is to reboot AP (at least it helps 100%, clients connect back successfully).
      Fans of Ubiquity would say that it's expected behavior, and rebooting AP once a day is a good practice, but I am not used to it.

    2. I had experienced 3 days ago problem that without any reason Wi-Fi connection speed was limited to something similar to 50 kb/s, and reboot haven't helped, I replaced Xi-3 by Xo-1 and surprisingly it fixed the issue (both APs are set identically on same Cloudmanager account with same settings). There is almost no interference in my home, and wired connection was at usual at 100MB/s, so it was a limit in AP. Today I put Xi-3 back and problem is gone. I remember that I have played with rate limits some days before that problem, but set back unlimited than. It looks that at some moment Cloudmanager applied previous limit setting again (but it was not visible in the interface).

    3. Upgrade button is still green, even so AP has current firmware. It does nothing, of cause.

    So I still don't feel that XClaim is ready for practical use - it just doesn't work good enough for me. But I can at least troubleshoot it, what would non-IT user do? Through away the box probably...

    It is really a shame to make so unstable and buggy product starting from so good platform as R7321/R300/R500/T300 APs. It is about one year already, and it is still unstable. I can't say what is wrong with devices or development process, but something definitely is...
    Also it looks that initial idea to make a product which is simple to use, has just very basic features but provides great performance and stability is not realized at all and now, adding features it goes to concept of just one more typical Wi-Fi product with free cloud management. I think that than it would be wise to change a plan and reuse great R500 Enterprise /Unleashed firmware, adding to it CloudManager option (free) and licensed (paid upgrade) capability to connect to enterprise controllers or run Unleashed. It would get back leading age to XClaim, as it would have Beamflex. Having capability in the XClaim and not using it looks a huge mistake for me -- there is a lot of standard Wi-Fi gear around, but just one Beamflex capable vendor, so why to cripple own devices?

    As my family complains about Wi-Fi not working on regular bases, I currently decided to replace XClaim by R500 Unleashed - which us basically identical hardware with different software, it has all features you may need and, most important -- it works well and stable. Price is higher than for XClaim, but it works as you expect from Ruckus Wireless product.

    Hopefully there will be some new release of XClaim firmware and Cloudmanager, which will fix problems and open features - I will be happy to test it. I still hope it will be great product as it should be!

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