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iPad rotation

jahonixjahonix Member Posts: 25

is it only me standing upside down or my iPad (4th gen) which does not rotate the screen correctly?
Rotation lock is turned off, of course, but the Harmony app just doesn't want to stand on its feet.

I feel a bit silly since I use the iPad with a keyboard case which makes reading tough (or typing impossible as I need my hands otherwise when in headstand).
Re-installing the Harmony-app didn't help either. However, I noticed that the app, when launching initially, appears in correct orientation for a fractal of a second before spinning round and staying there.
Everything else on the device works as expected and this is the first time I see this behavior.

Anyone got a great idea how to solve this (other than buying a mirror)?



  • jahonixjahonix Member Posts: 25
    edited October 2015

    Just an update (maybe as memo to myself since nobody seems to care...I posted the same about a month ago):
    I've seen identical behavior with brand new iPad mini and iPad Air devices just sold to customers, before and after updating to iOS9.0.2.

  • Hi @jahonix,

    Sorry for the delay. We will get back to you ASAP.


  • Hi @jahonix,

    Since the screen orientation is not supported App remains inverted. This will be addressed once we support screen orientation. Would be interested in CloudManager a free cloud based management solution ?


  • jahonixjahonix Member Posts: 25

    No for several reasons, one being the APs are not connected to an outside network (island installation).

  • jahonixjahonix Member Posts: 25

    @rameshc said:
    Since the screen orientation is not supported App remains inverted.

    I don't think we need portrait orientation for the app, therefore "screen orientation support" is unlikely to happen at all.
    But locking the landscape screen to one of two possible orientations is an unnecessary discomfort, and obviously you chose the wrong possibility (all keyboard cases I've seen have the same orientation!).
    So what's the deal in unlocking both landscape orientations on iPad when the app starts correctly but spins 180° within the first second?

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