5GHz unstable, client isolation not working, wifi name changes not working, others

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Most of these problems occured in CloudManager, however, the problems forced me to stop using Cloudmanager, therefor the 1st problem occurred while using the Web GUI, I have not tested wether that problem would also occur while using CloudManager. Please note, that I have not yet tested the Harmony App.

  1. [CloudManager and Web GUI] 5GHz network incredibly unstable. Sometimes devices must cannot connect to a 5 GHz network, sometimes it isn't even shown in the device's list of available wifi networks. Sometimes a device just gets disconnected.
  2. [Web GUI] A device connected to a network with client isolation one can use a printer which is connected to another network (with client isolation off though).
  3. [CloudManager] I've changed the name of a wifi network in CloudManager and according to the networks tab this change was saved. However, even after reboot both my phone and my laptop show 2 different wifi networks in their wifi settings: one with the old name and one with the new name.
  4. [CloudManager] Even after manually reloading the CloudManager tab the list of connected clients does not correspond with the clients actually connected to the ap shortly before reloading but rather with the clients connected minutes ago.
  5. [CloudManager] There is now fast way of seeing which clients exactly are connected to a network / an AP. There should be a tab similiar to "access pints" and "networks" to view the connected clients.
  6. [CloudManager and Web GUI] There is no way of renaming clients. Especially with Android devices their often doesn't really help to identify a device. Even on very cheap routers you can rename the device so it's easily identifiable.
  7. [CloudManager and Web GUI] Mac filtering is still not a thing, even though a service staff answered me month ago that "that feature is being added in the upcoming releases".
  8. [CloudManager and Web GUI] There is no fast way to activate a guest network. You can configure a network and then only activate it when you need it for guests. However, you'd still [CloudManager] need to go to the networks tab, klick on that network, wait until it has loaded, click on edit, than on active, than on save... Thats far to complicated and the Web GUI doesn't make it any easier.


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    Hello @tonTeufel ,

    Thank you for reaching out. Please find our responses to your issues:

    1) The behavior you could be noticing could be a combination of the Auto-channel selection algorithm performing frequent channel changes, which could be throwing off your clients. Can you please set the 5GHz channel to a static non-DHS channel and see if you are still facing these issues?

    2) If the printer is another subnet, then this is expected behaviour. Is the printer in the same subnet? With Client isolation enabled, the AP allows the client to only communicate with the default gateway.

    3) Can you please perform a factory reset of the AP and see if you are still facing this issue?

    4) There is a slight delay between the clients joining the AP and the client list showing up on CLoudManager. The upcoming CloudManager release should have enhancements which should make this faster and I would encourage you try that and see if you notice a considerable difference between the old and the new versions.

    5) That's a great point. This is actually an enhancement that is being provided as part of the upcoming new CloudManager version. We will be having an enhanced clients table with many different searchable/sortable fields that should match your requirements

    6) We have not considered this feature so far. However, our architecture team will review this and see if this will be done in future releases.

    7) The upcoming CloudManager release( expected towards end of October) is packed with many features and MAC filtering happesn to be one of them. We are in the testing phase of this CloudManager release and we would highly appreciate your patience. I assure you that you would not be disappointed just because of the new features that are going to be added.

    8) Again, the new version of CloudManager gives you a faster way to do this directly from the networks list page. Watch out for this new feature.

    We at Xclaim regard your comments very highly! Thank you for taking the time out to give us such great feedback. We look forward to making our products better to help satisfy your need.


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    Hello Vybhav,

    I've done a factory reset and I am now using CloudManager again.

    1. 5 GHz seems to be stable now.

    2. My idea was to have a normal network, with client isolation off, where all my devices would connect to, and another network, with client isolation on, which I want to use for guests. So, I want to have a network, where connected clients can only communicate with the default gateway, not with other clients in that network, nor with other clients on other networks hosted by my AP. That is a feature advertised on your website under "Business-Class Features" so it should work, right?

    3. As I've said, I performed a factory reset. Now, clients recieve a non encrypted network, which they cannot connect to (all attempts so far failed), with exactly the same name as a encrypted network, which I've created in CloudManager and is currently turned off.

    Will there be a similiar update to the CloudManager update for the Web UI? As I only have one XClaim AP, which is in my home network, and I don't need another one, the Web UI is a lot faster and feels more responsive than CloudManager. Additionally I am not very fond of the idea of having all my network data stored online, possibly in plain text und most likely on US servers where it's easily accessible by the NSA.

    Is there some kind of newsletter that informs of new firmware updates as well as CloudManager updates? Until this big CloudManager updates hits at the end of October I am planing to go back to the Web UI.

    As it currently stands, I am likely to refund the AP at the end of my 30 days refund period, which is at the beginning of November. While the wifi performance is definitly superior to the ASUS RT-AC56U I am currently using the ASUS router's software is WAY BETTER. While it might not be as intuitive and clean looking as CloudManager, it actually works. And for 250$ vs about 90$ for the ASUS thats not really worth it!


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    @vybhavram do I get another answer here?

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    Hello @tonTeufel ,

    Thanks for reaching out.

    Regarding point #2, that is exactly how it should work. However as long as the 2 networks advertised by the APs are in the same subnet, a client connected to a wireless lan with client isolation enabled, should not be able to access any other client in that subnet(irrespective of whether the other client is a wireless client connected to another network, the same network or a wired client).

    Regarding point #3, can we please have a meeting to debug this ? We can log into the AP and check the details and see why this is happening and provide a fix immediately.

    I am afraid that there will be no more updates to the Web UI. The reason being that all the advanced features that we have running and are planning to release soon require the Cloud platform to function , so having those features in a standalone Web UI environment will not be an efficient way to configure the APs.

    Our Databases are secure and we have taken several measures to minimise the amount of the data stored and also maximise the security. For example : The WPA2 PSK of the user is encrypted when it is stored in our DB so that no one can decipher it. All our AP to CloudManager communication happens over SSL .

    We are working on a newsletter and you will be hearing from us soon regarding that! Thank you for your interest in hearing about our updates!

    I would highly recommend waiting for a few weeks for the new AP firmware(with PLENTY of stability fixes and enhancements) and the new CloudManager update which is definitely going to impress you with all the added features and the new intuitive design. The new features include Captive portal support, 802.1x support , Black listing/White Listing of clients , etc. Once they are released , I would suggest giving it a try.


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    Hello @vybhavram

    I'm sorry I haven't answered any earlier, but I just didn't have the time to do so.
    This morning I was pleased to recieve an email from Xclaim informing about a new firmware update. That's quite useful and I hope to recieve another one for the CloudManager update wicht should hit within the next week (according to the mail).

    I have updated my AP to the new firmware and so far everything seems to be wokring fine. However, I'm currently using the Web UI instead of Cloudmanager. The reason to that is that we recently upgraded our internet plan and therefor revcieved a new cable modem / router from our ISP which is horrendous and broke a lot of things, one of them is CloudManager. I'm currently unable to control my AP through CM but I'm working with the ISP to get a differnet cable modem. Once that is sorted out and the CM update is out I will give CM another shot and report back here.

    Best regards.

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