iOS 9 Wi-fi Assist

Not sure where to post this as it is more of an FYI.

In the new iOS 9 release they added a feature called Wi-Fi Assist. In theory this feature is meant to provide a seamless transition from a low Wi-Fi signal to Cell data so a user's experience is not interupted.

What is actually happening is it is overly aggressive (this may only pertain to 9.0.0 and fixed in 9.0.1) and not letting the user know they are using cell not Wi-Fi.

The first issue that this is causing is users' cell bills are skyrocketing because they are performing data intensive tasks (streaming movies, downloading large apps and data) because they think they are on Wi-Fi but are actually, not.

The second we are seeing in our call center is that captive-portal pages are not coming up on the device and when the user roams back to an area with good Wi-Fi coverage the device still thinks it is online, but it actually is not.

Right now we are advising guests to turn Wi-Fi assist off and/or upgrade to the 9.0.1 firmware.

Just thought you should all be aware.



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