VLAN problems

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I have the following setup on the port of my switch
VLAN1 - 10.0.2.x/24 tagged
VLAN2 - 10.0.1.x/24 tagged
VLAN3 - 10.0.0.x/24 tagged

I have created two networks in the Cloud Manager where one I Tagged to VLAN1 and the other one tagged to VLAN2. However, the AccessPoint does not come online.
Should the management VLAN on the Switch be untagged, to the configuration looks like this?

VLAN1 - 10.0.2.x/24 untagged
VLAN2 - 10.0.1.x/24 tagged
VLAN3 - 10.0.0.x/24 tagged

BRgds Kevin



  • Hi @KevinElstorp,

    Yes the management VLAN should be untagged.


  • KevinElstorpKevinElstorp Member Posts: 3

    Hi @rameshc

    Thanks for a quick reply.

    BRgds Kevin

  • jahonixjahonix Member Posts: 25

    you are actually suggesting to mix tagged and untagged traffic on the same interface. That's seen as bad practice in most places.
    If multiple VLANs are stacked on a single port this is called a trunk. Trunks only carry tagged traffic.
    --> we need an option to have AP management on a tagged VLAN as well!

  • jahonixjahonix Member Posts: 25
    edited October 2015

    Sorry, I was too fast with my post (and now I can't edit it anymore...).

    The option to have management on a dedicated VLAN is available - in local WEB UI (and probably in console as well, but I haven't checked that).
    If you don't want to make mgmt VLAN tagging available to the general customer, then take this as another reason to allow WEB UI and Telnet access when managed through CloudManager.
    I was shooting myself in the foot from not being able to do so!
    After removing my devices from CloudManager I can start configuring them the way I need it here. Wasted hours on this. :#

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