Xclaim-setup does not go away.

dhaysleydhaysley Member Posts: 6
First off I would like to say that so far I am very disappointed in the product. (X11). I realize this is the first generation but I've never had to factory default an AP so many times like this device to try and get it to work.

After several hours I finally got it setup and thought things were stable, only to realize a few days later that the radio reverted to Open from secured on its own. Even though through Harmony it stated that it was secured with AES and turned on. So another Factory default to fix this issue.

I have also noticed that the xclaim-setup SSID does not turn off after applying the custom SSID to the AP. It is open and fully usable by any device that connects to it.

I'm sorry but due to the unstable condition of the product and the inability to manage multiple customers makes this a product that is of no use to me or customers that I support.

If returns were allowed I would return this AP first thing on Monday as it is not ready for distribution, sadly. Many people that I know have cancelled their orders.


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