Bugs in Harmony on Android

miskomisko Member Posts: 7
So, don't know what the best way to report problems is, but I've just started testing and this is what I'm running into:

1. Unreliable data loads on Statistics page - Sometimes the statistics page will load and show zero bytes transferred, or connected clients, but no names on the clients. Choosing a client shows 0 uplink and 0 downlink. Select the AP (I'm testing with a single AP) and it says "Disconnected" for the status, but I can surf the net just fine. After next refresh, it may show connected, but again not all data displayed. Or sometimes data displayed.
2. Displaying client info, the graph updates, but the packet count doesn't change.
3. Crashes ("Stopped functioning")

Android 4.4 on Nexus 7. XI-2 AP running

Overall, connectivity from connected PCs seems fine while browsing the internet, but trying to use Harmony as the only means to manage when it is unreliable is frustrating.


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