Updated Quick setup Guide

santoshrsantoshr Moderator Posts: 12

• Thank you for purchasing this Xclaim Access Point
• Xclaim recently launched CloudManager to provide you with free cloud based management and control of your access points.
• You will not be able to use CloudManager until you have upgraded the software on your AP. This is a very simple process.
• Please power the AP up and make sure it has access to the internet.
• When the LED turns to solid or blinking green, wait for 5 minutes and please unplug the AP (turn off the power) and wait for 5 seconds and then power the AP up again.
• After the Powering up the AP, the LED will start blinking Green. Now your AP should be ready for use with CloudManager registration and claiming.
• Go to www.xclaimwireless.com and sign up for Free CloudManager and register your AP if you have not done yet.
• Once you have your AP registered with serial number in the CloudManager, LED will turn into Solid Green ( Your AP is claimed by Cloud now)
• If you have any issues please contact Xclaim via the support forums at http://forum.xclaimwireless.com/

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