Due to COVID-19 the customer migration out from Xclaim had slowed down in the past 15 months, to allow existing Xclaim customers extra time to complete the migration, the Xclaim Cloud Manager service will be extended from the original termination date (July 25, 2021) to December 31, 2021.

Xclaim AP : Quick setup Guide

santoshrsantoshr Moderator Posts: 12

• Thank you for purchasing this Xclaim Access Point
• Xclaim recently launched CloudManager to provide you with free cloud based management and control of your access points.
• You will not be able to use CloudManager until you have upgraded the software on your AP. This is a very simple process.
• Please power the AP up and make sure it has access to the internet.
• When the LED turns to solid or blinking green, wait for 5 minutes and please unplug the AP (turn off the power) and wait for 5 seconds and then power the AP up again.
• After the Powering up the AP, the LED will start blinking Green. Now your AP should be ready for use with CloudManager registration and claiming.
• Go to www.xclaimwireless.com and sign up for Free CloudManager and register your AP if you have not done yet.
• Once you have your AP registered with serial number in the CloudManager, LED will turn into Solid Green ( Your AP is claimed by Cloud now)
• If you have any issues please contact Xclaim via the support forums at http://forum.xclaimwireless.com/

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