How to connect HP wireless printer to Xi-3?

Hi there,
I haven't found an answer to this question on the forum. Does anybody know, how to connect an HP Wireless Printer that is only capable of connecting via WPS or PIN-method? Unfortunately a wired connection is not an option.

Thanks in advance!


  • vybhavramvybhavram Xpert, Moderator Posts: 1,063


    You could create a secure network using CloudManager on your XClaim APs and enter that passphrase in your HP printer's wireless settings. Does that help?


  • vybhavramvybhavram Xpert, Moderator Posts: 1,063

    Also, please ensure that client isolation is disabled for the WLAN that you are creating on our XClaim AP. This is to allow your laptop and other devices to be able to access the printer over WI-Fi.

  • macminimacmini Member Posts: 8

    I don't think Xclaim has WPS. Not that you'd want WPS anyways -- its pretty insecure.

    I have an HP printer just like yours and the only way to set it up without WPS is to manually connect a USB cable from your computer to the printer. After that, either use the printer driver installer from the HP support site or the CD that came with the printer to run the setup wizard. The setup wizard will let you choose your SSID and manually enter a password. Once that's done you can disconnect the USB cable and the printer will automatically connect to your wifi.

  • PorkfishPorkfish Member Posts: 2

    Thx @macmini that was exactly what I was looking for. I didn't know the printer could be configured via USB and was really getting frustrated. :)

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