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Xi2 not responding

Hi Xclaim,

I'm writing on behalf of my neighbour who was impressed with my Xi2 and ordered one for her own network at her home. After installing Harmony on her iPad however, it is quite rare and only under very specific circumstances that the Harmony app can connect with the AP, only to find out that any setting will not be saved and connection will be lost.

We've reset and rebooted about twenty times, both by disconnecting and connecting to power source twice, always allowing for a few minutes to hopefully give any upgrades time to settle down, and also by reconnecting to power while holding the reset button for al least twenty seconds, this also at least twice, allowing again for minutes to let everything settle down.

In all these resets, the led goes through a cycle of different colours and blinking green, before settling in a non-blinking green that is less clear than the green led on the AP at my place. In this partly green non-blinking phase, no connection is possible. Only in a phase somewhere halfway clear red, orange and the into blinking green, the Hármony app may, but not always, find the AP with an ip number that matches the mac- and ip-number in the client list of the modemrouter.

On these rare occassions, the AP may allow, again: but not always, access to the set up screen of the AP. However, if on these rare occasions settings are chosen and saved it doesn't seem to save anything. If the AP shows up in the app, it ussually is only a few minutes that anything can be seen or done anyway, usually all of a sudden it starts looking again for an AP with the result it cannot find anything, telling us to have a look at the network settings without specifying what to look for.

Wlans in the meantime can be set and are saved in the app, but do not prompt for connecting with any AP and SSID's and the like of course do not show up anywhere.

The web-interface also does not function. After connecting the wifi with xclaim-setup, and using the ip-address that's listed in the client list, no interface will show up. Also using the ip number you list in your support forums does not work.

We have refused using your new cloud interface because things appear so fundamentally unstable that we do not want to risk to confuse this AP any further. Also, your forums and documentations are less than clear about the continuation of Harmony and web-ui after introducing your cloud.

In the meantime, the AP through the setup-wifi gives a great connection to the internet, however totally unprotected so quite useless and also allowing free access to anybody to the modemrouter it is connected to, in itself appears to be mindboggling if you look at it from a security point of view.

I have been reading a lot of entries on your forums, and I do have the impression we have tried everything, except the SSH-thing which for lay people like us is not understandable (in what screen or app can you put in SSH? What happens next?).

Please help, regards, Tobias


  • vybhavramvybhavram Xpert, Moderator Posts: 1,063

    Hello @tobias ,

    Sorry to hear you are facing issues. After going through your post, it appears that the AP could be in "CLOUD" mode, being managed by CloudManager. Has this AP been claimed by Cloudmanager at any point in time and not deleted from there?

    The reason I say this is, once the AP is in cloudmode, the AP will not be discoverable by Harmony,AP's Web UI will shut down. Can you please DM the AP's serial number to me , so that I can check in the backend DB if it has indeed been registered?

    Please send it over to me by Private message .


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