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Harmony on Iphone intermittment

rhutch99rhutch99 Member Posts: 17

I am having issues with my Harmony app. Sometimes it works perfect but other times I will open it up and there is only one or no active AP showing. I don't think it is connecting to my network but at the same time my iPhone appears to be connected to my WLAN and is working fine.


  • vybhavramvybhavram Xpert, Moderator Posts: 1,063

    Hello @rhutch99 ,

    This could be an issue with the AP's changing channels automatically. Can you please ensure that the AP's radios are set to static channels and then check if you are still facing this issue with harmony?


  • rhutch99rhutch99 Member Posts: 17

    I have each AP with its own channel and all on 2.4Ghz (11 etc)?

  • rhutch99rhutch99 Member Posts: 17

    I started over and reinstalled the APs from scratch. Seems to be working. However, when I go to Network Config, Access Points.... even though I have configured the APS it still say configure AP. When I click on one of the "configure APs" it looks fine. It is just annoying that it doesn't show you the found APs with the correct label. Also, sometimes only 2 or the 3 APs are found. Sometimes only 1.

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