Due to COVID-19 the customer migration out from Xclaim had slowed down in the past 15 months, to allow existing Xclaim customers extra time to complete the migration, the Xclaim Cloud Manager service will be extended from the original termination date (July 25, 2021) to December 31, 2021.

Unable to configure XI-2


I have recently purchased a X-Claim XI-2 just to see if we could sell these access points to our private customers. I was very much disappointed by the way it should be set up and I think it is a big mistake to not have a Harmony application for the Windows platform. I know that nowadays it is very important to have an apple-look-and-feel embedded in your devices but please, get those applications to work at least! After trying to setup the device as described in the very short instruction, I soon had to use skills that are not normal for everyday users and I had to use an SSH connection to the device to discover that the firmware was really really old. Even after updating the firmware (where is your manual for the CLI???) the device cannot be setup using the tools provided. Big minus for that! The web UI is not available either! I guess that has something to do with the fact that the device hasn't been properly setup. You do realise that when the device cannot be setup or the customer is not able to set it up, the xclaim open Wifi connection is available for whoever wants to use it?

I don't understand why this device can only be setup with apps for smartphones and tablets. We have a lot of customers who just use notebooks or PC's and don't own a smartphone or don't want extra apps just to configure an access point.

We use the business Ruckus solutions and therefore I was absolutely sure that this X-claim equipment would be as sturdy and secure as the "normal" Ruckus devices but now I am confused. This not the quality I expected and after more than an hour of fiddling around with the device I have to give up. It seems impossible to setup and I really mind having open Wifi connections!

What has gone wrong??


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