No AP access

i have set up an Xi-3 with no problems.  I have been trying to set up and XO-1 for hours and it can't find the AP within the app.  I see it could be software related but I don't know how to access the web GUI to update.  Please can someone explain in a simple non technically minded manor! 


  • Hi @nigeljarvis ,

    Sorry that you are having problem. Can you try doing a factory reset using the reset button. Please hold the reset button for 8 seconds and release. Once AP is upgraded you can access the WebUI of the AP by https:// and default username and password is xclaim-mfg/mfg-admin12.


  • nigeljarvisnigeljarvis Member Posts: 6
    Hi, I have done this and it makes no difference, I have tried to log in through Putty and it comes up with a log in screen where by whatever I enter I don't seem to be able to log on. As a straight forward solution this is anything but straight forward! 
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