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Harmony Update: Android 1.1 - Live in the store

ericsrericsr Member Posts: 457
edited March 2015 in Harmony

Finally, we are ready for a major stability fix for Android. It was published on Monday morning but WILL require the latest AP image, for it to function. Please make sure you have your Aps updated and then you can update your Harmony app.

_What's New_

  • Show password on Wizard (prevent duplicate typing) - User Request
  • Skip SSID setup on Wizard
  • Ability to set SSID per radio - User Request
  • Hide SSID per WLAN - User Request
  • Rate shaping per WLAN - User Request
  • Set channel width settings per radio (20MHz, 40MHz, 80MHz)

The key intangibles for this release are:

  • Communications protocol between Harmony and APs has been rearchitected around reliable https process
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