New Tab in Network Configuration

mmm200mmm200 Member Posts: 23
edited February 2015 in Harmony

Really like the application. But Network Configuration could have a third Tab "Channels" to:

  1. Choose channels available to autoselect in 2.4 GHz. And why don't we have only 1,6,11 for 2.4 GHz defaults?
  2. Choose channels available to autoselect in 5 GHz. And defaults to non DFS.
  3. Choose global max output power in simple words: Full, Half, Quarter etc.
  4. Choose minimal frame rate (I'm asking too much) or n, g/n, b/g/n modes for 2.4 GHz radio. First one preferred, really want to optimize two of it for large apartment without buying R500s. Even the CLI command will be greatly appreciated!

P.S. SpeedFlex function from app will be greatly appreciated! Like maybe holding your finger for 3 seconds or double click on specific AP in Access Points tab starts this test.

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