Harmony 1.1 for iOS (being pushed to stores now)

ericsrericsr Member Posts: 457
We are LIVE (should be in a few hours) for iOS 1.1 release!!! Feedback welcome. You MUST be on AP firmware 1.0 build 83
Android is still being worked on and we anticipate the release soon (5-7 days).

Major features in this release:

- Brand new iPad version!
- Show password on Wizard (prevent duplicate typing) - User Request
- Skip SSID setup on Wizard
- Ability to set SSID per radio - User Request
- Hide SSID per WLAN - User Request
- Rate shaping per WLAN - User Request
- Set channel width settings per radio (20MHz, 40MHz, 80MHz)

The key intangibles for this release are:

- Brand new discovery module based on Bonjour (mDNS) - super fast / super reliable
- Communications protocol between Harmony and APs has been rearchitected around reliable https process


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