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Firmware upgrade for Xi-2

ebarukebaruk Member Posts: 8


I have several Xi-3 and Xi-2 and I decided to make last FW upgrade following steps below over SSH...
It worked fine and nice on Xi-3 but not on Xi-2.

All of them are on same network, same subnet and had same previous version
I used both of direct IP" and "update.xclaimwireless.com"

Not possible to download firmware on Xi-2. Error message displays:
fw: Updating rcks_wlan.bkup ...
** firmware file not found ???
** missing file:
**fw(14667) : Get Error

What are my options...Please help

I done reboots many times in 2/5/10 minutes delay..But was not able to get any results as the picture also suggests.

_1. SSH into the AP using a terminal program like PuTTY at the preset IP address (username: xclaim-mfg default password: mfg-admin12 Password may be set to the password configured by you when setting up your Harmony app.)
2. type "fw set host" and hit enter
3. type "fw update" and hit enter
4. wait for reboot (the terminal program will disconnect, please wait approximately 2 minutes for the AP to boot back up.)
5. try the web interface at the preset IP address. If it comes up, you are done. If not, try to access it again through the SSH terminal program as listed in step 1 and type in the command "reboot"
6. after confirming that the web interface works, connect to the AP by SSH once again and login
7. type the command "fw set host update.xclaimwireless.com" and hit enter, then disconnect from the AP. Everything should be working properly again at this point. ___

LINKS I checked:



  • ebarukebaruk Member Posts: 8

    Hi all....For my case I figured out the problem and was able to do firmware upgrade !
    This is my case only...so hope maybe helps to someone. I have to say all this is very messy on Xclaim and there is clearly no real support here.
    I'm so sorry I decided for Xclaim in a first place...Not because of AP (which is OK) but things like this....No real support, outdated servers, instructions...., only "f word cloud BS"...But that is another story...My case below:

    Firmware update for Xi-2/Xi-3
    (previous version

    Use SSH interface to connect
    Internet access is mandatory!!!

    Please login: xclaim-mfg
    password : Your actual password

    Check the name "FW Control Control file" section
    If name was wrong, set the new name:

    Wrong name:rcks_fw.bl7

    Right name:

    To change the name:

    fw set control xclaim/1.0.0/xi-2_rcks_fw.bl7
    fw set control xclaim/1.0.0/xi-3_rcks_fw.bl7

    and hit enter

    To check the changed name, write:
    fw show

    fw set host
    and hit enter

    fw update
    and hit enter

    If error accures, type the command:
    fw set host update.xclaimwireless.com

    or fw set host https://update.xclaimwireless.com
    and hit enter

    fw update
    and hit enter

    When successful activate "rebooting" by typing:
    and hit enter

    After rebooting, check the required version:

    get version
    fw show
    fw show all

    Other useful commands
    help set
    help get

    If anyone knows how to save configuration file over SSH and knows commands for later backup
    please help...Only this I'm still missing to close my "upgrade / backup" for "this year"....

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