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I have a customer with 4 AP's that has been working to years.
They called me a couple of weeks ago as one of them turned red.
I replaced it with a demounit at moved this unit to the tenant.
It boots and I can even log into it with SSH but it is not seen by the cloud. It keeps flashing red.
I then connected the replaced AP to a PoE switch and it shows the same behavior.
This doing this another of their AP's went offline in Cloud Manager. It's still visible on the local network.
The two remaining AP's on the same subnet, connected to the same switch. is still working :-)

Any ideas?


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    @rameshc, would you happen to have an idea?

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    Hi @jsconsult,

    SSH into the AP with the following credentials
    Username : xclaim-mfg
    Password : mfg-admin12
    Issue the command "get version" . This should give you the AP's version. The version must be
    If not, then issue the "fw upgrade" command and reboot the AP after the upgrade has completed.
    Then Factory reset the AP and allow it to join the CloudManager.


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    Ah. All AP's are
    I think I tried to upgrade via SSH and got an error. I will try again.

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    Hi @rameshc

    On the new AP I moved to this tenant and an old that has been reset, I get:
    fw: Updating rcks_wlan.bkup ...
    flash id is 0x10220
    flash id is 0x10220

    Image2 FW check ...

    MD5 = 139A2EE5A7849A42C021544CB859F17B
    FW=0 not MAIN or BKUP
    mtd(rcks_wlan.bkup) size=1245184 < 13623296
    New bkup firmware size=13623296 is too big
    ** new firmware too big
    **fw(23242) : File too large
    xclaim :

    The last unresponsive one I'm not able to login to. I guess it's because it's hase been adopted earlier.

    What du you suggest?

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    edited December 2019

    I rebooted both and they came up with .46 and connected to the cloud.
    So now I just have the one that I can't log into, and that says it's offline.
    I guess Ill have to reset it. .. .and that did the trick.
    All ap's are back online. Thanks.

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