Xclaim Xi-1 connections

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We have system which was set up with 2 independent LTE routers. For each router, it has 2 XClaim Xi-1 access points connected to it. All APs are configured on the same hotspot and network on the XClaim cloud manager. But lately we have got an issue with our client as it was reported that no internet could be accessed.
On the cloud manager one can notice that 1 out of 4 Aps in this system is marking online (green light) and the rest are showing offline (red light). So if simplified, 1 of 2 APs which are connected on the same router and which have the same configurations, is marking online (green light) and the other is marking offline (red light). Additional on the other router, both APs are marking offline (red light) although the configurations are the same as the other system.
We have checked internet output from our routers, which there is no issue in that. Then we have pinged all the APs thorough the the respective router. And we have got response from all of them, with great values I must add. This symptom seams to be coming from the actual Xclaim cloud system as hardware seams to be working fine.

Can I have assistance please?

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