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AP's offline and no wi-fi network available

Hi at all, I don't understand why nobody of xclaim reply for this problem...we've all AP with the last firmware, but the problem not solved...usually 50% of APs goes off-line to cloud manager regardless that they work or not properly.
We've 3 site with respectively with 7 xi-1, 6 xi-1, and 5 xi-1. All sites has the same problem. Since 2 months all AP's stop to work once a day...all 3 sites..., concurrently...very strange!, it is necessary to make an hardware manualy reset for some APs because from cloud manager usually about 50% of AP's are offline...
What can we do? Now our customers begin to get impatient and we don't know what to do, if not to take and change everything.

We've tried also to make reset of APs, deleted and re-adding to cloud manager, but it does not change the result
We've bought all xclaim xi-1 at start of 2018

Marco Loffredo


  • shriramrsshriramrs Member, Xpert, Moderator Posts: 220

    Hi @lmarco ,

    Currently, we have identified an issue with the Cloudmanager and our apologies for the inconvenience caused. We will fix this issue ASAP and let you know soon.


  • itsupportenitsupporten Member Posts: 4

    I have 2 AP´s myself for internal testing, 1 in office and one in the cabin. They´re both offline. So I tried logging in to 5-6 random accounts that we´ve responsible of (end customers) Looks like the same issue that happened the 12 of December has happened again. Alle the AP´s are offline.

    Are there still problems at the backend? Can you please fix this asap, it´s christmas and a lot of my end customers are relying on the AP´s to be online.

    Please let us know asap.

    Erik, IT-Supporten

  • rameshcrameshc Member, Xpert, Moderator Posts: 280

    Hi @itsupporten,

    Can you please upgrade the AP's by rebooting twice in space of 10 minutes? This should upgrade the AP's to latest firmware which has the fix for the offline issue.


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