"Not enough data available to display statistics"

guidolangendorffguidolangendorff Member Posts: 14
edited November 2018 in CloudManager

For the sake of cfg-documenting I went into the Cloud Manager. To my surprise I found the text in the subject title on my dashboard

A week later it is still the same. Reports we receive are (or should I say "seem to") be ok.
I can see the number of AP's, I can get into the cfg data but I can also not see in the Dashboard\Clients the list of connected clients although I know for sure there are connected users.
Firmwares are on all and rebooted after firmware update (a lot of weeks ago).
Have 2x Xi-3 and one X0-1
Others have the same issue / what to do? I am about to deliver this to my customer and next to the EOS, I'd like to deliver a clear and sound environment...


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