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Can't connect to wireless Speaker with Xi-2

TreeemanTreeeman Member Posts: 9
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i have a Wireless Speacker (TechniSat MR1) and i am not able to configure it.
I am able to connect the Wireless Speaker with my Xclaim Wireless Network. No Client Isolation is active. But i am not able to connect with my iOS App to my Speaker.
A Ping from iPhone to Speaker works.

For testing i tried another AP Vendor (low budget TP-Link AP) which worked without any Problems.
Also i tried another iOS Device and a Android Device.
So i think it must be some sort of setting within my Xclaim.

I know there are same Problems with Sonos Speakers to.
I also think there are some CLI Commands for Ruckus APs.
Any Idea for Xclaim?

Thanks & Kind Regards


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